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About the Apprentice Doctor® Camps

On Campus Accredited Medical and Surgical Skills Camps for Aspiring Medical Professionals!

 The Apprentice Doctor® Presents the Ultimate, Accredited Premedical Camps/Workshops/Conferences. Do Not Miss This for Anything!

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Attendees of previous Camps having a great time!

Apprentice Doctor® DUKE CAMP SPRING 2015 (Premed students)  Durham,NC, USA  Students Attending on Invitation Only – March/April 2015

Apprentice Doctor® USF SUMMER CAMP 2015 (High School and Premed students)  Tampa FL, USA  Registrations OPEN JAN 2015. Dates:June 22 – 26

Apprentice Doctor® APU SUMMER CAMP 2015 (High School students)  Boone NC, USA  Students Attending on Invitation Only – July 2015

Apprentice Doctor® CHICAGO SUMMER CAMP 2015 (Premed students) Registrations OPEN JAN 2015

Apprentice Doctor® ALL AFRICA CAMP 2015 (Premed students) Johannesburg, South Africa  OPEN FOR REGISTRATIONS! Dates: April 9-12, 2015 CLICK HERE to register!

Please remind me when the 2015 Apprentice Doctor® Camps opens for Registrations!

Invite The Apprentice Doctor® to conduct a Pre-med Camp in your Area

Are you passionate about medical training? The Apprentice Doctor® is looking for people to network with, who are passionate about medical training on high school and Pre-med levels.

Brain Bowl Competition 2014 – a competition including the Apprentice Doctors (blue scrubs), the B.E.S.T. group (maroon) and the A.H.E.C South FL, Group (white tops)- 60 students taking part in this event sponsored by the PA school of  USF – GREAT FUN!!



Available spots always fills up fast! So book your spot early to attend this life-changing, week long medical immersion experience.

Ideal for all students interested (or considering) a career in medicine. Jump-start your medical career and build your resume at the same time. Attending this camp is a great opportunity to all high school students in grades 10 – 12 as well as Pre-medical students.

If you are serious about following a career in medicine then you cannot miss this for anything!

Announcing our 2014 High Profile Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Godfrey Sears, PsyD, NPsyDP, MP, MPPQ, BCPM, BCIT



Dr Sears (front middle left) alongside a selected number of neurologists at Capitol Hill – representing both NY and DC during a meeting with congress.

Click here to download Dr Sears’ resume

How to apply

The (Easy) Application Process

First, you need to fill in and submit The Registration Form. After a few days, The Apprentice Doctor® staff will reply to let you know if your application was successful.
Second, successful applicants must pay a $50 reservation fee. Click here to settle the $50 place reservation fee.
Third, you need to pay the camp fee. The price varies depending the option you select. Details are given at the bottom of this page. Please settle the tuition fee ($850 for day-students and $1195 for sleep-over students) at the latest by May 31, 2014

Real hands-on medical skills practical workshops:

Workshop 1: Culture Bacteria from Your Own Body
Workshop 2: Hands Hygiene in a Clinical Setting
Workshop 3: How to Draw Blood and set-up an IV Line
Workshop 4: Heart Sounds, Oximetry and Heart Rate
Workshop 5: Suturing Workshop
Workshop 6: How to Recognize a Melanoma
Workshop 7: How to Scrub for Surgery
Other Workshops: Many other Interesting Practicals

Click here to Download the Proposed 2014 Camp Program Schedule
Camp Flyer for your friends and School notice board included.

To all prospective medical professionals in grade 10 to 12: Come and enjoy a week dedicated to your future career in medicine – learning and doing a large variety of medical things using the accredited and acclaimed Apprentice Doctor Course material. International students also most welcome. Students came from all across the world as far as Sweden!   Visit the USF Simulation facility at of the University of South Florida Medical School – lots of fun, lots of medical activities and medical workshops! Medical students will assist in workshops and give you advice on how to succeed!

Parent testimonial from our last camp:

Download The Apprentice Doctor Camp Safety Policy. Click here.

See what it’s like to attend our premedical camp:

Getting into Medical school is highly competitive!

The days of getting into medical school with only top grades to offer are forever gone – students need to load their resume with a lot more – they must convince the selection committee that they are REALLY serious about becoming a doctor by adding the extras that will distinguish them from the average applicant. Prof Andrew Mason – Selection committee various Med Schools

10 reasons why you should attend The Apprentice Doctor’s Pre Medical Camp for High School Students:

  1. A week of medical immersion is sure to impress any pre medical program/medical school selection committee
  2. Prepare yourself with clinical skills – making any hospital volunteer programs or medical shadowing a lot more significant and worthwhile
  3. Get training in Basic Life Support by accredited BLS service providers
  4. Learn How to Suture a Wound the same training that numerous medical students are getting
  5. Visit an academic hospital and get a hands-on experience at a Simulation Lab
  6. Add an accredited Apprentice Doctor certificate to your resume
  7. Get High School premedical academic credits
  8. Meet like minded students and exchange ideas and information
  9. Get the opportunity to start an Apprentice Doctor Chapter or Club at your school
  10. You will be able to scrub up for surgery – making a visit to the O.R. an enhanced experience

See a video clip of an Apprentice Doctor® Workshop at a high profile school – Click Here.     A full 100% of attendees at The Apprentice Doctor® 2010, 2011,  2012 and 2013 camps say they would absolutely recommend the camp to their friends!


Frankie | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014I would recommend this camp to anyone interested in the medical field.



Albert | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014Dr Anton really knew his stuff and was a great teacher. The hands-on activities and field trips were all fun.



Byron | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014Get the feeling of real med school.



Jon | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014I would recommend this camp to anyone interested in pursuing a career in any medical field.



Pat | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014This camp is a great way to gain information in a short period of time. Great activities and the doctors are excellent!



Tracey | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014I learned a lot and was more encouraged to keep my mind on my medical career.



Austin | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014Dr Anton was an especially superb teacher. I enjoyed his vast amount of knowledge, and all the information I learned during camp.



Amy | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014The camp was very interesting. I learned about a lot of new tools and techniques used in the field of medicine, I also learned a lot of new vocabulary for parts of the body.



Michelle | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014Regardless of current knowledge, if you are interested in the medical field you will enjoy this interactive process at the apprentice doctor camp.



Herman | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014The Apprentice Doctor® was a fun experience that allowed me to learn more about the medical field.




International Presenter and Host:
Dr. Anton ScheepersPracticing Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon, Developer of The Apprentice Doctor training resources and founder of The Apprentice Corporation
National Host and Co-presenter:
Dr Monica Watts-HopkinsNational Director of the Apprentice Doctor®Monica-Watts-Hopkins

Dr. Dexter M. Frederick, MD
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics – Director BEST Academy



Premed-Camp-small1The quality of the workshop and the resources that you provide and the passion that you clearly bring to the activity have all resulted in an exceptionally high level of positive feedback from the schools that have participated in the workshop. David Kramer, Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Science Center, Newtown, SA

The Camp program

At camp you will

At the end, you will receive The Apprentice Doctor® Certificate.


You can add this credential to your resume as well as include it with your application to any university/medical school! This course is highly recommended for students and scholars who are interested in a career as a medical doctor, or as a medical specialist such as a surgeon, dentist but also for aspiring professional nurses, EMTs/paramedics, physiotherapists, etc.

Attendees: Maximum of 22 students to ensure one-on-one, individual attention maximizing the collaborative learning experience.
Venue: University of South Florida
Duration: Five Incredible Days of ‘Medical Immersion,’ Daily classes run from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm June 23 to 27, 2014.

Register now!

Register early to avoid disappointment!


Click here to settle the non-refundable $50 place reservation fee:


Payment options

Option 1: Sleep-over / all inclusive (preferred):

Accommodation meals and tuition – all inclusive package for $1195

Included are:  tuition fee, 3 medical kits, medical instruments and items ($850) plus accommodation at preferential rates – staying at the University of South Florida Student Dormitories – your own room or share a room with other same gender Apprentice doctors® for 5 nights ($295). Breakfast and lunch provided. Supper not included –  food outlets are available in the near vicinity.

Click here to pay for the all inclusive package $1195:



Click on the link below to pay in 4 monthly installments of $300:



Option 2: “day students”:

Commute to venue daily  $850

 Included are: tuition fees, 3 medical kits, medical instruments and items as well as lunch. Accommodation NOT included.

Day students – $850:



Click on the link below to settle tuition fee in 4 monthly installments of $215:


Kindly settle the Camp/conference fees ($850 for day students and $1195 for sleep-over students) at the latest by  May 31, 2014 

Enquiries: (toll-free): +1 (855) 445 7444

Camp tuition includes medical instruments and items worth over $450:

The use of numerous medical instruments and disposable items like:

Transcript Fee (proof of completion of accredited course):

Solid Rock Community School is a legal brick and mortar private school in Florida offering a traditional day school and an international virtual school.  Solid Rock Community School is both Nationally and Internationally accredited and registered with the Florida Department of Education. For successful completion of The Apprentice Doctor Premedical camp, transcripts will be issued by Solid Rock Community School for one-half high school science and lab credit.



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