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On Campus Accredited Medical and Surgical Skills Camps for Aspiring Medical Professionals!

 The Apprentice Doctor® Presents the Ultimate, Accredited Premedical Camps/Workshops/Conferences. Do Not Miss This for Anything!

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Attendees of previous Camps having a great time!


Apprentice Doctor® USF SUMMER CAMP: PREMED STUDENTS (High School and Premed students)  Tampa FL, USA  Registrations OPEN. Dates:June 15 – 19, 2015  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Apprentice Doctor® USF SUMMER CAMP:HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS (High School and Premed students)  Tampa FL, USA  Registrations OPEN. Dates:June 22 – 26, 2015   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Apprentice Doctor® ASU (Appalachian State University) SUMMER CAMP 2015 (High School students)  Boone NC, USA  Registrations OPEN. One week of Clinical Medicine and 3 weeks of Real Research! - July 1 -29, 2015   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!




Are you passionate about medical training? The Apprentice Doctor® is looking for people to network with, who are passionate about medical training on high school and Pre-med levels.

If you are serious about following a career in medicine then you cannot miss this for anything!

Examples of hands-on medical skills practical workshops (not all workshops for a particular camp):

To all prospective medical professionals in grade 10 to 12: Come and enjoy a week dedicated to your future career in medicine – learning and doing a large variety of medical things using the accredited and acclaimed Apprentice Doctor Course material. International students also most welcome. Students came from all across the world as far as Sweden!   Visit the USF Simulation facility at of the University of South Florida Medical School – lots of fun, lots of medical activities and medical workshops! Medical students will assist in workshops and give you advice on how to succeed!

Camp Safety Policy. Click here (in draft phase).

See what it’s like to attend our premedical camp:

Getting into Medical school is highly competitive!

The days of getting into medical school with only top grades to offer are forever gone – students need to load their resume with a lot more – they must convince the selection committee that they are REALLY serious about becoming a doctor by adding the extras that will distinguish them from the average applicant. Prof Andrew Mason – Selection committee various Med Schools

10 reasons why you should attend The Apprentice Doctor’s Pre Medical Camp for High School Students:

  1. A week of medical immersion is sure to impress any pre medical program/medical school selection committee
  2. Prepare yourself with clinical skills – making any hospital volunteer programs or medical shadowing a lot more significant and worthwhile
  3. Get training in Basic Life Support by accredited BLS service providers
  4. Learn How to Suture a Wound the same training that numerous medical students are getting
  5. Visit an academic hospital and get a hands-on experience at a Simulation Lab
  6. Add an accredited Apprentice Doctor certificate to your resume
  7. Get High School premedical academic credits
  8. Meet like minded students and exchange ideas and information
  9. Get the opportunity to start an Apprentice Doctor Chapter or Club at your school
  10. You will be able to scrub up for surgery – making a visit to the O.R. an enhanced experience

See a video clip of an Apprentice Doctor® Workshop at a high profile school – Click Here.     A full 100% of attendees at The Apprentice Doctor® 2010, 2011,  2012, 2013 and 2014 Camps said that they would absolutely recommend the camp to their friends!


Frankie | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014I would recommend this camp to anyone interested in the medical field.



Albert | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014Dr Anton really knew his stuff and was a great teacher. The hands-on activities and field trips were all fun.



Byron | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014Get the feeling of real med school.



Jon | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014I would recommend this camp to anyone interested in pursuing a career in any medical field.



Pat | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014This camp is a great way to gain information in a short period of time. Great activities and the doctors are excellent!



Tracey | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014I learned a lot and was more encouraged to keep my mind on my medical career.



Austin | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014Dr Anton was an especially superb teacher. I enjoyed his vast amount of knowledge, and all the information I learned during camp.



Amy | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014The camp was very interesting. I learned about a lot of new tools and techniques used in the field of medicine, I also learned a lot of new vocabulary for parts of the body.



Michelle | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014Regardless of current knowledge, if you are interested in the medical field you will enjoy this interactive process at the apprentice doctor camp.



Herman | Student Summer Medical Camp 2014The Apprentice Doctor® was a fun experience that allowed me to learn more about the medical field.




International Presenter and Host:
Dr. Anton Scheepers Practicing Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon, Developer of The Apprentice Doctor training resources and founder of The Apprentice Corporation
National Host and Co-presenter:
Dr Monica Watts-Hopkins National Director of the Apprentice Doctor®Monica-Watts-Hopkins

Dr. Dexter M. Frederick, MD
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics – Director BEST Academy


And various other guest lecturers…



Premed-Camp-small1The quality of the workshop and the resources that you provide and the passion that you clearly bring to the activity have all resulted in an exceptionally high level of positive feedback from the schools that have participated in the workshop. David Kramer, Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Science Center, Newtown, SA

The Camp program

At camp you will

At the end, you will receive The Apprentice Doctor® Certificate.


You can add this credential to your resume as well as include it with your application to any university/medical school! This course is highly recommended for students and scholars who are interested in a career as a medical doctor, or as a medical specialist such as a surgeon, dentist but also for aspiring professional nurses, EMTs/paramedics, physiotherapists, etc.


Enquiries: (toll-free): +1 (855) 445 7444

Camp tuition includes medical instruments and items worth over $450:

The use of numerous medical instruments and disposable items like:

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Juanita Venter said:2015-03-16 02:06:00I am very interested in attending your course. Do you have a course in South Africa? What are the fees and where is it, please? Thank you kindly, Juanita Venter.


Dr. Anton Scheepers said:2015-03-16 14:04:41Hi Juanita Yes - and it is an 2 weeks' time! See: Email: R1750. Be quick! Dr Anton

Bryce Faubel said:2015-03-12 12:56:41My son was accepted into your program. I was wondering when we would be receiving the information and also was wondering how we should go about making the payments for the camp? Amber Faubel


Dr. Anton Scheepers said:2015-03-12 15:23:30Hi Amber - We do have your son on our list of attendees for out June 22-26 program in Tampa - and are looking forward meeting him. Most of the relevant information is on the following website - as well as payment options and links: I will ask Judy at our office to contact you - or feel free to contact us via our toll-free number: (855)445-7444 Dr Anton

Hamda ali said:2015-03-07 00:16:28Firstly iam greating you after great i would like to give some main points a person who wonts to be doctor must be look like . Secondly iam intelligant about biology chemistry physics but iam not well in maths so i can be a doctor


Dr. Anton Scheepers said:2015-03-07 02:12:181. See post: 2. The selection process for med scchool all across the world is such that you need to excel in sciences and maths.

Amerti Dawit said:2015-03-02 10:32:22Hello,I would like to know if there is a discount for students from Africa for example Ethiopia.There are lots of Ethiopian who are interested in this program but don't have the capacity(ability)to pay.I would be more grateful if you've done this. I would like to express my gratitude, Amerti


Dr. Anton Scheepers said:2015-03-02 14:36:07Hi Amerti - why not apply to the Apprentice Doctor Camp in Johannesburg South Africa?

Dwight Smith said:2015-02-26 18:07:17Hi, Please let me know if you have received the payment that was made. There is no way to see the posted payment or balance from the website. I left a voicemail a few days ago but have not received a call back. Thanks, Dwight Smith


Dr. Anton Scheepers said:2015-02-26 23:35:20Hi Dwight - Payment receipts sent via - Thank you! Apologies for the unanswered voice mail - did you use the toll-free (855)445-7444 ? A.S.

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