Suture Kit for Suturing Skills Mastery

Suture Kit

Suture practice kit for 3rd year medical students.

Effective suturing training makes clinical suturing second nature.


  • Prof-John-ClaytonI was simply amazed to see the dramatic improvement in my students’ suturing skills since using this incredible kit in our surgical skills workshops.
    Dr. John Clayton


    • Rapid mastery of surgical suturing skills.
    • Gain well-rounded knowledge of clinical suturing techniques and knots.
    • Practice using the 3-layered imitation skin sheets as you follow step-by-step suturing tutorials.
    • Become confident and calm suturing in emergency situations.

    The Apprentice Doctor’s advanced suture kit and instructional clinical suturing course offers proven medical simulation kits to effectively train students to skilfully perform clinical suturing with precision and proficiency. Suturing techniques and knots are highly technical and require repetition to attain mastery. Students master suturing techniques and knots using the suturing simulation kit with stainless steel instruments and imitation skin to practice suturing knots and techniques before working on actual patients. Learn how to suture from maxillofacial and oral surgeon Dr Anton Scheepers on the suture skills training disk included with the suture kit.

  • I must say I was very worried that this might have been a scam with trash quality instruments. I desperately needed to practice my suture skills and took a chance, ordering the kit online. The kit arrived after only 3 days and to my amazement the course material and presentation was superbly professional. The kit had real surgical quality instruments. Trish Levinson, 3rd Year Veterinary Student, MA

    The Surgical Suturing Kit Contains:

    • x1 Suture skills training disk with step-by-step instructions from a real surgeon
    • x2 Three-layered simulation skins to practice on
    • x5 Sachets surgical sutures with needles attached
    • x3 Silk suture thread rolls
    • x2 Sachets of x6 half-circle no. 16 eyed needles
    • x1 Black suture instruments carry bag containing the 8 suturing instruments listed below
    • x1 Straight needle holder with latch
    • x1 Medium scissors (blunt/sharp)
    • x1 Small scissors (pointed)
    • x1 Scalpel (38 mm / 1 inch)
    • x2 Skin hooks
    • x1 Probe (pointed)
    • x1 Medium tissue forceps (rat-toothed)
    • x1 Small forceps (flat)

  • Kevin-DI really struggled with suturing wounds properly until I discovered that the secret lies in tying the knots correctly! Thank you so much for all the valuable information and many tips! I can truly recommend this kit to all students who need to know the finer details on suturing wounds.
    Kevin Dalton, Final Year Paramedic Student, FL

    Suturing tutorials:

    • How to tie various surgical knots:
      • a square knot
      • a granny’s knot
      • a surgeon’s knot
    • How to tie surgical knots using:
      • 1-handed instrument method
      • 2-handed instrument method
    •  How to place:
      • subcutaneous sutures
      • interrupted sutures
      • interrupted sutures with buried knots
      • continuous sutures
      • continuous interrupted sutures
      • horizontal mattress sutures
      • vertical mattress sutures
      • “far-and-near” sutures
      • a continuous subcuticular suture
      • a purse string suture

    You will learn:

    • The correct technique for removing sutures
    • How to professionally care for wounds
    • How to correctly line up wound margins
    • How to correct the “dog’s ear” suturing defect
    • How to avoid ugly scars
    • Correct technique for holding your suture kit instruments
    • How to treat a wound aseptically and minimize the chance of infection
    • How to evert a wound’s edges when suturing and why that’s important
    • About complications of suturing and how to prevent them
    • And experience real world case studies on suturing

    Janet-HThe Apprentice Doctor Suturing course has become a prerequisite for qualifying to enter our Emergency Room – before students can gain clinical experience on real patients.
    Janet Holder, Head of Clinical Nursing Skills, AZ

  • Hi, Thanks, I received the postal order today…. again thanks for everything… it looks good… it was nice conducting business with you!
    R. Bettencourt

    You will receive:

    • 18 piece suture kit for medical students.
    • Clinical suturing course created by an experienced surgeon.
    • x2 three-layered practice imitation skin sheets.
    • How to Stitch-up Wounds (eBook).
    • Guide for choosing the right suture material (eBook).
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • A tracking number for your order.


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    You Save: $25.99


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    SamanthaDear Dr Scheepers, thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed.

    Samantha, 2nd year medical student, NY

Suture kit and course

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