Suturing skills

The kit

Everything you Need to Gain the Confidence for Suturing Wounds in a Clinical Setting!

Your simulation lab in a box – practice anywhere & anytime!

Guaranteed Success in Suturing!

Dr Anton Scheepers, a specialist Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 2 decades of experience, in collaboration with various experienced Surgeons in other fields, has created this extremely effective suturing course…

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Suturing Set

Suturing CD-ROM + Suture Kit + OT Quality Instrument Set + 2 Suturing EBooks = Suturing 5-Plus Special

5 magnificent ‘how to excel in suturing’ resources!



Well over 30 000 students gain their suturing skills from this effective suturing course and kit each year.

How easy would learning how to suture a wound be if you had a how-to course with step-by-step tutorials designed by a practicing Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 2 decades’ experience teach you how to suture wounds - while you follow along using your very own suture kit? (The suture kit’s instruments are floor quality stainless steel).

I must say I was very worried that this might have been a scam with trash quality instruments. I desperately needed to practice my suture skills and took a chance, ordering the kit online. The kit arrived after only 3 days and to my amazement the course material and presentation was superbly professional. The kit had real surgical quality instruments.

Trish Levinson, 3rd Year Veterinary Student, MA


FIVE magnificent resources in one. FANTASTIC value for money!

Resource One:

A comprehensive surgical knot tying and suturing as well as an introduction to wound care training on CD.

Resource Two:

An eighteen piece suturing kit with all the instruments (stainless steel) and items needed to practice your suturing skills.

Resource Three:

Get the Apprentice Doctor Professional Upgrade, OT Quality Instrument Set, valued at $49 – for just $0.95 (limited offer – if you order your kit before 12 midnight 30 April 2014). The instruments are OT-Quality.

Resource Four:

Download the Apprentice Doctor How to Suture Wounds EBook immediately after your purchase. (More than 45 000 downloads yearly). One-hundred-and-forty-four pages of information. Step-by-step instructions and principles of wound-care…

Resource Five:

Download the How to Choose the right Suture Material EBook immediately after your purchase. Thirty-two pages packed with information on the various suture materials and various types and sizes of needles and when to use which one…

The course explains:

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The suture kit contains:

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The suture skills training material is perfect for:



Dr Anton’s how to suture wounds suture skills training course takes you through practical, step-by-step tutorials so you can follow using your practice skin and suture kit, which guarantees your ability to suture any wound with confidence! You can join the list of over 30,000 satisfied customers yearly who have used Dr Anton’s powerful system for practically mastering the art and science of suturing wounds.


Dear Dr Scheepers, thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed.Samantha, 2nd year medical student, NY

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Dr Anton’s How to Suture Wound suture skills course and suture kit shows you suturing and knot-tying techniques used by surgeons all around the world using the dependable, and powerful, method of practicing as you learn.

This is how medical students are able to learn and remember so much in medical school. Because they immediately put into practice what they learn. You will master your suturing skills by working your way through illustrations, video’s, and audio clips, and then practice your newly acquired skills on your suture kit’s 3-layer imitation skin.

How to suture a wound suture course and suture kit including: suturing material, needles, holder instruments, tissue forceps, scissors, surgical marker, and 3-layered imitation skin sells in medical school book shops for over $179.00

To order ONLY the Suture Kit and CD-ROM – for $79 (NO upgrade kit included) Click here  - or order the full package below for only an additional $0.95:

Order Now!

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Only $79.95 

Five magnificent resources!  Download EBooks immediately after ordering

Kits usually ship within 24-48 hours.

Kits usually ship-out (dispatch) within 48-72 hours (weekends excluded)  / Free shipping in the USA and Canada only.

Regret: International shipping only to customers in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Suturing Set

5 Magnificent Resources


Thanks! I received the postal order today and thanks again for everything. It all looks good. It was nice conducting business with you! - R. Bettencourt



 I would also love to perfect my phlebotomy skills! 

Venipuncture Kit

Venipuncture Course and Kit

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