Basic Suture Kit

Basic Suture Kit

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  1. Needle holder, stitch scissors, and forceps.
  2. Nylon, chromic catgut, silk sutures
  3. Imitation skin, surgical marker, ruler, and colored string for learning knot tying.
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The Apprentice Doctor’s Basic Suturing Practice Kit.


  1. Needle holder
  2. Stitch scissors
  3. Forceps


  1. 2-0 reverse cutting NYLON suture with thread attached (75cm)
  2. 2-0 reverse cutting CHROMIC CATGUT suture with thread attached (75cm)
  3. 2-0 reverse cutting SILK suture with thread attached (75cm)


  • Immitation skin
  • Surgical marker
  • Ruler
  • Colored string for learning knot tying
Weight 0.5 lbs
Category: Suturing


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