IV Practice Arm with Dark Skin – Phlebotomy and Venipuncture Arm

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Durable design that lasts
Our model arm skin automatically reseals after each needle stick. The same puncture site of the skin can withstand hundreds of punctures. The sealing process strengthens with time, so after a few months in storage, you can often use the arm a second or third year.

Feel confident drawing blood
Our arm provides accurate venous anatomy for both the back of the hand and the ventral surfaces of the arm giving you a realistic experience while mastering blood draw techniques. Perfect phlebotomy procedures, venipuncture techniques, iv skills, and injection techniques.

Easy to transport

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Ideal for Training and Perfecting IV, Venipuncture, and Phlebotomy Procedures and Techniques

  •   The Apprentice Doctor’s Phlebotomy Arm gives you realistic practice allowing you learn how to draw blood like a professional before working on real patients. Learn or refresh your skills as a phlebotomist today.
  • 【REALISTIC EXPERIENCE】Our simulation arm is anatomically accurate and creates a realistic experience. The veins are palpable and partially visible and provide a give-feel effect when entering a vein.
  • 【HANDS-ON LEARNING】The realistic touch and feel of the phlebotomy training simulation arm makes it perfect for phlebotomy instruction and student practice. Get a real hands-on learning experience.
  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY and DURABLITY】The Apprentice Doctor’s phlebotomy and iv practice arms are excellent quality and highly durable. Our model arm skin automatically reseals after each needle stick.
  •   Everything in the photos is included. The iv practice kit includes an IV stand, liquid bags, IV tubes, butterfly needle and insert, a syringe, & the IV practice arm making it a complete IV and phlebotomy practice kit.


The iv start kit includes
— Arm with two clips (x1)
— Metal stand (x1)
— IV Tube – adult (x1)
— Fluid bottle (x2)
— One butterfly needle
— One syringe
— Setting up your iv arm instructions
— Connector (x2)

【GUARANTEED SATISFACTION】We make an effort to make sure our customers are happy. This is a great quality product, but if you need to return your order, for any reason, we will accept and refund. We take our customer’s satisfaction very seriously so if your venipuncture arm has any faults or if there are missing items, then please send us a message, and we will sort it out ASAP. The Apprentice Doctor always strives to provide dependable and high-quality phlebotomy supplies. If there is anything wrong with your order, we will happily fix it!

If you have any questions about this product, you can ask them here.

Weight 5.8 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 6 x 6 in
Category: IV, Phlebotomy

SKU: AD604-RDark

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