Suture Practice Kit and Suturing Mastery Course

Suture Practice Kit and Suturing Mastery Course

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the 20-Piece Suturing Kit

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eBook: The how to stitch-up wounds

eBook: Guide for choosing the right suture material

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Suture Kit and Course for Medical Students Practice & Perfect Your Suturing Skills

  • Get a professional suturing simulation experience designed to do one thing: Properly train you to skilfully perform suturing techniques and advanced surgical knot tying with confidence!
    Quickly master the suturing techniques and advanced knot tying methods required in Medical School using the comprehensive all-in-one 20-piece medical suture kit.
  • The Apprentice Doctor’s professional suture kit includes a large skin suture pad / skin suturing model for suturing practice, as well as, nine different instruments in a convenient carry pouch. The laceration repair suture kit also includes various types of suture threads with needles attached.
  • Feel confident suturing under pressure after learning how to place various suturing patterns taught during surgical rotations with the internationally accredited suturing course (designed by maxillofacial and oral surgeon Dr Anton Scheepers). The CD-ROM + online course are included with the practice kit). You’ll become steady-handed suturing under pressure and get outstanding performance reviews.
  • The Apprentice Doctor’s sim suture kit with illustration tutorials and video training offers a proven medical simulation experience that effectively trains you to skilfully perform wound closure techniques. The laceration suture kit can be used by veterinary students as veterinary instruments and equipment or as an anatomy lab kit for animal dissection.
  • Practice and master your suturing skills and techniques as well as surgical knot tying with this 20-piece suturing course and kit. The kit includes catgut, nylon, and silk sutures. Imitation skin sheets and all surgical items needed are included so you can practice suturing as you follow along using the step-by-step instructional training videos.

This internationally accredited online course will allow you to develop a super-neat suturing technique as well as confidence to suture under pressure without having to risk practicing on real patients!

  • Rapidly master surgical suturing skills and knot tying methods
  • Feel confident when suturing under pressure
  • Get outstanding performance reviews

Prof-John-ClaytonI was simply amazed to see the dramatic improvement in my students’ suturing skills since using this incredible kit in our surgical skills workshops.
Dr. John Clayton

I must say I was very worried that this might have been a scam with trash quality instruments. I desperately needed to practice my suture skills and took a chance, ordering the kit online. The kit arrived after only 3 days and to my amazement the course material and presentation was superbly professional. The kit had real surgical quality instruments.
Trish Levinson, 3rd Year Veterinary Student, MA

The suture kit contains:

  • x1 Suture skills training CD (also online)
  • x2 Three-layered imitation skin sheets
  • x5 Sachets surgical sutures with needles attached
    • x2 Sachets of 3/0 silk braided sutures
    • x2 Sachets of 3/0 nylon monofilament sutures
    • x1 Suture Sachet 3/0 chromic catgut absorbable
  • x3 Silk suture thread rolls
  • x2 Sachets of x6 half-circle no. 16 eyed suturing needles

Suture kit instruments:

  • x1 Suture kit instrument carry bag
  • x1 Straight needle holder with latch
  • x1 Medium scissors (blunt/sharp)
  • x1 Small scissors (pointed)
  • x1 Scalpel (38 mm / 1 inch)
  • x2 Skin hooks
  • x1 Probe (pointed)
  • x1 Medium tissue forceps (rat-toothed)
  • x1 Small forceps (flat)

Suturing kit tutorials:

  • How to tie various surgical knots:
    • a square knot
    • a granny’s knot
    • a surgeon’s knot
  • How to tie surgical knots using:
    • Hand tying methods
    • 1-handed instrument methods
    • 2-handed instrument methods
  • How to place:
    • subcutaneous sutures
    • interrupted sutures
    • interrupted sutures with buried knots
    • continuous sutures
    • continuous interrupted sutures
    • horizontal mattress sutures
    • vertical mattress sutures
    • “far-and-near” sutures
    • continuous subcuticular sutures
    • purse string sutures

The suturing course shows you:

  • The correct technique for removing sutures
  • How to correctly line up wound margins
  • How to evert a wound’s edges when suturing and why that’s important
  • How to correct the “dog’s ear” suturing defect
  • How to avoid ugly scars
  • How to professionally care for wounds
  • Correct techniques for holding your suturing instruments
  • How to treat wounds aseptically to minimize the chance of infection
  • The complications of suturing and how to prevent them
  • Real world suturing case studies

The Apprentice Doctor Suturing course has become a prerequisite for qualifying to enter our Emergency Room – before students can gain clinical experience on real patients.
Janet Holder, Head of Clinical Nursing Skills, AZ

Dear Dr Scheepers, thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed.
Samantha, 2nd year medical student, NY

Suture kit and course

  • Get a well-rounded knowledge of suturing techniques and knots used by medical students around the world.
  • Practice using the 3-layered practice skin as you follow the step-by-step suturing tutorials, videos, and illustrations.
  • Learn how to suture from maxillofacial and oral surgeon Dr Anton Scheepers.
  • Get a 20 piece suture kit which includes an internationally accredited suturing mastery course, a variety of sutures, 3-layer imitation skin, and a 9 piece suturing instrument set.
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  • a 20-Piece Suturing Kit
  • the Suturing Mastery Course on CD + Access to the online course
  • eBook: The how to stitch-up wounds
  • eBook: Guide for choosing the right suture material
  • Free priority shipping in the USA and Canada
  • and our money-back guarantee


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