1. Greet the patient

2. Pause! Confirm:

Correct patient

Correct procedure

Medical history

3. Assemble and lay out the relevant items on a clean working surface

4. Perform hand hygiene

5. Position and prepare the patient

6. Preliminary vein selection

7. Apply the tourniquet

8. Don gloves

9. Ask the patient to form a fist

10. Disinfect the selected site

11. Anchor the vein

12. Enter the vein swiftly at a 15 to 30 degree angle

13. Collect the blood

14. Ask the patient to relax the fist

15. Release the tourniquet

16. Withdraw the needle

17. Apply firm pressure for 2 to 3 minutes

18. Inspect the site for bleeding

19. Transfer the blood to the vacuum tubes - using a safety transfer device

19. Mix the tube's contents by gently inverting the tube 5-8 times

20. Discard all sharps

21. Discard the infectious waste

22. Recheck the labels

23. Remove gloves and discard

24. Perform hand hygiene